This is an exciting new project that I have planned for a considerable amount of time and it has finally come to fruition – My Two Day Wedding Photography Workshop.

This is an invaluable opportunity for me to share my ten years of photography experience, expertise and extensive knowledge with all those participating in the Workshop. The Workshop will be fully interactive allowing questions and a wealth of information to be gathered, so those participating will be able to feel that they have truly benefited from the Workshop.

The two day agenda will cover the following:

1. An extensive range of in-depth practical advice that professional wedding photographers encounter on a day-to-day basis;

2. The frequently asked questions ranging from the client planning stage all the way through to final delivery of client images;

3. The camera techniques, equipment, composition, portraiture, lighting and everything in between that you need to know; and

4. An image critique session, which I consider to be an invaluable skill in making me a better photographer.

My goal is that with your newly developed skills, you will gain inspiration and confidence to enhance and kick start your professional photography career.

The workshop will strictly be limited to twelve participants, so please do get in touch if you are interested.

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